Poison Breath


We are glad to present the new track "Poison breath" from Talamaur. It is written in the musician's favorite Midtempo style.

Talamaur's creativity is devoted to reflections about the future, what it can be and what it shouldn't become. In the new track he explores the darker aspects of human civilization. "I would like people to think more often about the harmful effect of man-made processes on the world around them. I don't want them to forget that scientific discoveries, even though driven by a good cause, unfortunately, are often perverted and become evil," says the musician. This piece is about human demons, about a possible imminent apocalypse.

This is the third track in the composer's creative biography and its sound reflects the thoughts and mood of the author more accurately. "This is what I think music should be. I've put my soul and experiences as well as my hopes and fears into 'Poison breath'. I want to take the listener by the hand and let them feel my emotions. Even if there is just one of them to be able to share my fears, it will be a small, but very important victory."