I wish people would think more often about how detrimental man-made processes can be to the world around them. I’d also like them to keep in mind that scientific discoveries, while well intended, unfortunately, often get perverted and become evil.
Talamaur's work is focused on the future, what it may look like and what it shouldn't become.
I wish people would think more often about how detrimental man-made processes can be to the world around them. I’d also like them to keep in mind that scientific discoveries, while well intended, unfortunately, often get perverted and become evil.
Making music feels a lot like creating a whole new world or telling a story while using the language of notes and chords
Talamaur got into music a long time ago. As a child he took piano lessons and piano was the first instrument he learnt. In the beginning Anton was quite engaged at his music class but then got bored and grew eager for a more modern sound, more freedom and instrumentation.

With that said, music has always played an important role in his life. As this promising musician says, he would always remember certain events as they are associated with songs or melodies he listens to.
Music helped me through difficulties and made my life more joyful. I have always dreamed of getting into creating music but I was too busy with work and family.
He was only 5 when he made a copy of his first cassette which was a Depeche Mode one. The A side was the album Black Celebration, and the B side was a collection of singles from 1981−1985.
I remember listening to a lot of Depeche Mode albums on cassettes. I still like their music a lot. Dave Gahan’s amazing vocals and the electronic depressive sound seemed to be totally in line with what I felt at that time, communicated so accurately by the language of music.
In high school he started listening to heavier music like Iron Maiden, Metallica, W.A.S.P. These came into his life with the drive of real metal.

And then the Linkin Park era began.
They combined everything music was for me at the time: aggressive sound, rhythmic rap, Chester Bennington’s piercing vocals and incredibly catchy synth melodies.
All in all it’s Depeche Mode and Linkin Park that influenced Anton the most.

Talamaur has always wanted to write music, and he claims playing instruments is an attempt to look inside music itself, to learn its language, to understand the structure of pieces of music, their components, to study the techniques and ways of moving the listener, and of course to skillfully use all that in his own work.

A year ago Anton finally managed to find the time to fulfill his dream. He built his own home music studio with preliminary acoustic training and did a course in music making.
I have long dreamed of writing music and have been inspired by the very idea of creating universes, telling stories and communicating emotions through music.
Anton’s music is about the computerized, technological future. The musician admits that he likes electronic sound transmitting futuristic images and the cyberpunk subculture itself. It’s not just the genre he’s keen on, but the whole subculture in a more global sense.
People tend to dream and imagine how and what could happen after they’re no longer alive, where the civilization and technological thought of mankind will go. However these dreams are not always of a bright future, but also of possible catastrophes. Through my music I want to transmit those images as well as picture possible alternative worlds which appear in my mind.
Talamaur’s first release was in November 2021, the second one took place in January 2022. Now several tracks are being finalized. It’s the process of writing music itself that is important to him because he sees it as creating whole new worlds or telling stories using the language of music, which can oftentimes communicate things better than words.

Besides music, Talamaur is fond of circuit racing and has won amateur championships in Russia (Porsche cup and max power cars).
Perhaps my listeners will soon hear a heavier sound and more complex arrangement. It probably won’t sound like the engine’s roar, but it will definitely give you the drive.